President/CEO Message

Heidi Kenniston Lee

The San Ramon Chamber of Commerce — 40 Years of Community & Commerce

San Ramon has long been a city of thriving businesses and community-based organizations. From flourishing home-based businesses to fantastic Fortune 500 companies and every successful enterprise in between, San Ramon is on the forefront of economic vitality, community investment and innovation. A beautiful, safe and top-rated community, people flock here to work, live, play and do business.

For 40 years, the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce has been ever-present — helping businesses and organizations grow and succeed — facilitating effective networking and showcasing all that our business and non-profit communities have to offer.

And now, in our 40th year, the Chamber is committed to having even greater impact. We have positioned the Chamber and our membership as strong stakeholders. We are eager to engage government and thought leaders in discussions that positively impact business and our community at large. We look forward to exchanging information and ideas that empower our businesses and non-profits to excel. And we remain dedicated to encouraging and celebrating community investment.

After 40 years of success, both the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce and the City of San Ramon are poised to continue to make San Ramon a great place to live, work, play and do business. We invite you to join the Chamber as we work with the city and other community stakeholders to successfully usher in a new and exciting era for San Ramon!

Heidi Kenniston-Lee
San Ramon Chamber of Commerce
President & CEO