Application Process

A prospective member may attend two meetings as a visitor. Prospective members then complete this application for approval. Please note that it is a requirement to be a member of the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce. If you have not signed up as a Chamber member, you can do it here.

The Chairperson or Membership Committee completes the screening process and notifies member of acceptance or non-acceptance before the next meeting. Online payment must be completed before the member is activated with the group.

    Please indicate which group you are applying for (you can change this later):


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    Description of your products or services:

    How long have you (personally) been doing this business in San Ramon?

    How long have you been with the company you are representing?

    What do you expect to be able to contribute to the group?

    What will be your major source of leads and referrals?

    Approximately what percentage of your selling time and effort is focused on selling to businesses versus consumers and/or individuals?


    What other networking groups do you belong to?

    Are you able and willing to make the commitment to arrive at our bi-monthly meetings no later than 9:00 AM and stay until 10:00 AM, and are you willing to abide by the Business Referral Network General Policies?


    Can you provide one or more individuals who would be able to attend meetings on your behalf, should you be unable to attend?

    Business Reference

    Please copy and paste the URL to the chamber member's profile (found on, and include the name of your contact person at that company.

    I have read and will abide by the General Policies of the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce Business Referral Network. My agreement here is my electronic signature.


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    Once your application is approved, instructions for payment will be sent to you.

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