Networking 101

Comcast Business Presents Networking 101

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Mix with Confidence and Ease at Business Networking Events

  •     Overcome mixing resistance & fear.
  •     Be prepared and at ease before & during a networking event.
  •     Gain mixing skills & strategies.
  •     In a matter of minutes, convert a stranger into a warm lead who is expecting your call.
  •     Learn how to follow up after an event for real results.
  •     Simple yet powerful techniques, plus tools to remember them on the spot.


So many people stop themselves from going to a mixer.  Others go and feel awkward so they never go again.  This workshop is designed to empower you to go to a mixer, and to practice a few simple yet effective techniques to make it a positive and profitable experience. You really will get new clients from mixing with the easy tools you’ll learn.

Also, you can immediately put your skills to the test at the following Business Expo and Mixer, because every pre-paid “Networking 101” attendee will get a FREE ticket into the Business Expo and Mixer at the end of this workshop.

About David M. de Leeuw: 

David brings 38 years of sales and sales management success to his workshop, “Networking 101.”

He built his success on networking, especially at mixers held by local Chambers of Commerce.  By fine-tuning a system of mixing and follow up, David’s business thrived.

In 2009, he founded The Chamber Link ( as a service for local chambers, and as an advertising vehicle.  Today, David’s business and message is all about mixing.  He developed “Networking 101” to give participants an easy to follow system for getting results from networking events.